Proposed Agenda Monthly Meeting June 25, 2020

   Via Conference call by dailing toll# (701) 802-5414

         If you desire to attend dail (229) 924-9235)

                        for the access code 


1. Prayer

 2. Pledge of Allegiance

 3. Roll Call

 4. Call to Order

 5. Election of Officers

 6. Approval of the Minutes from the July 23, 2020 Monthly Meeting.

 7. Commissioners' Reports

 8. Secretary's Reports

         (a) Approval of Monthly Financial Reports

         (b) Consideration of FYE 09/30/2020 Budget Revision

         (c) Conflict of Interest Certifications

 9. Old Business:

10. New Business:

         (a) Approval of 2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

         (b) Approval of FY 2021 Employee Budget

        (c) Approval of HCV Payment Standards Effective 10/01/2020

         (d) Approval to proceed with the Mayo Street Project

        (e) Discussion regarding Annual Planning & Education meeting.

         (f) Any additional business to come before the Board of Commissioners

10. Adjournment


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