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 Proposed Agenda for the Monthly Meeting to be held Thursday, July 27, 2023 at John C. Anderson Community Center, 117C Hanson Drive, Americus, GA 31709.  
                                    A G E N D A

1. Prayer

 2. Pledge of Allegiance

 3. Roll Call

 4. Call to Order

 5. Approval of the Minutes from the June 22, 2023 meeting.

 6. Commissioners' Reports

 7. Secretary's Reports

         (a) Approval of Monthly Financial Reports

         (b) Approval of FY 2023 Budget Revision

 8. Old Business:

 9. New Business:

         (a) Executive Closed Session and approval of June 22,                          2023 Minutes

         (b) Approval of FY 2024 Salary Schedule

         (c) Approval of FY 2024 Employee Budget

         (d) Approval of HCV Admin Plan Revision

         (e) Approval of FY 2024 Locally Owned Rent Increases

         (f) Update of Back-To-School Bash

         (g) Educational Meeting Agenda Items

         (h) Any additional business to come before the Board of                      Commissioners

10. Adjournment

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