Proposed Agenda for the Monthly Meeting being held June 24, 2021 at 12 noon, at the office of the Housing Authority, 825 Mayo Street.  The Board of Commissioners request all attendees to be fully vaccinated, have their temperatures checked upon entry, and wear a mask throughout the duration of the meeting.  

 1. Prayer

 2. Pledge of Allegiance

 3. Roll Call

 4. Call to Order

 5. Approval of the Minutes from the August 26, 2021 Annual Meeting.

 6. Commissioners' Reports

 7. Secretary's Reports

         (a) Approval of Monthly Financial Reports

         (b) Advisement of Chief Executive Officer’s Evaluation

         (c) Advisement of Chief Executive Officer’s Contract Renewal

 8. Old Business:

         (a) Update on Mandatory Vaccination Findings

 9. New Business:

         (a) Approval of FY 2022 Operating Budget

         (b) Approval of FYE 09/30/2021 Write-Offs (Copies will be                               emailed)

        (c) Approval of RAD Phase II Environmental Assessment                               (Barbara Battle Way)

        (d) Approval of RAD Conversion Commitment Eastside

        (d) Any additional business to come before the Board of                                Commissioners

10. Adjournment